How do Allergy Shots Work?

Allergy shots, immunotherapy or allergy injection therapy (AIT) is the one treatment that can actually reverse the allergy process in persons with allergic asthma, hay fever, stinging insect allergy or allergic rhinitis. This is done by preparing an extract of the airborne things to which a patient is allergic. A very tiny amount is injected in the arm. A few days later a slightly larger amount is injected and so on over a number of months. By doing this the patient’s immune system is gradually stimulated to form protective antibodies (IgG) which in turn switch off the production of allergy-causing antibodies (IgE). In the large majority of patients the frequency and severity of allergy symptoms diminish dramatically as the dose of the allergy extract increases. It is a gradual process. It does take time but it is the one treatment that can get at the cause of allergies rather than merely treating the symptoms with drugs.

-Dr. Lakin

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