What is Ragweed Season and what can happen to me?

Hay fever and allergic bronchial asthma are two very common respiratory ailments and many people find the worst time of year for their symptoms is from Mid-August to the first killing frost. That is because they are allergic to the pollen of the Ragweed plant which pollenates during this period. Ragweed is an unassuming plant growing by the roadside, in vacant lots along railroad right-of-ways. If you are allergic to these microscopic particles that float around in the air during this time of year you may experience a number of distressing symptoms. If you have hay fever you will experience stuffy nose, sneezing, running of the nose, red, itchy, teary eyes. No fun! If you have an asthmatic tendency you may find yourself with a tight chest, dry cough, wheezing or shortness of breath. Even less fun! If any of these symptom begin this month, you would be well advised to promptly seek medical attention.

-Dr. Lakin